Dental Assistant Career Paths – Worcester, MA

The First Step To a Rewarding Journey

Going through the program at NE Dental Academy might seem like it will train you for only one job, but the reality is that the skills we teach can easily open up several doors to many other long-term, well-paying careers. Many people in the dental world started as dental assistants, but now, they do something entirely different that fills their life with joy, happiness, and allows them to live the lifestyle they desire.

Dental Assistant

Every dental office relies on a team of dental assistants to run smoothly and provide excellent care. They are responsible for a wide variety of clinical and administrative duties. Essentially, they do a little bit of everything in a practice, from taking X-rays to preparing instruments to working alongside the dentist and more. Right out of our program, you can easily earn around $20 an hour and more as you gain experience. Plus, your skills will be easily transferable to other offices, giving you flexibility when it comes to where you live and work.

Certified Dental Assistant

After you have worked as an entry-level dental assistant for a year, you can take the DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) test to become a certified dental assistant. This will give you instant access to higher pay and also open up the pathway to help with more clinical duties in the office.

Expanded Function Dental Assistant

The next level after becoming a certified dental assistant is EFDA, or expanded function dental assistant. To earn this license, you must be certified and have worked full-time as a dental assistant for at least two years. Being an EFDA allows you to place fillings and apply sealants and is the highest level you can achieve as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Instructor

If you love dental assisting and everything it has brought to your life and want to pass it along to students, then you can become a dental assistant instructor. You’ll educate, train, and inform students so they can handle the various aspects of the job, including basic patient care, how to use dental tools, take X-rays, and much more.