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A Better Life Starts Here

You don’t need to do something dramatic if you’re unhappy at your current job or want to ensure your life is moving in a positive direction. To start a career as a dental assistant, all you have to do is follow the instructions on this page. After that, our team will reach out to you and take care of the rest. You deserve to have a rewarding career and financial independence, and both of those can start by simply filling out the form below.

Step 1: Download and Fill Out Enrollment Agreement

After you have downloaded our enrollment agreement, read it over, and please feel free to send us any questions you might have before filling it out. We want you to be as sure as possible before beginning our program! Please only fill out the 1st and 3rd pages of the agreement. The 2nd page will be filled out at a later date.

Download Enrollment Agreement

Step 2: Email Completed Enrollment Agreement

Once you have filled out the 1st and 3rd pages of the enrollment agreement, send it our way, and that’s it! We’ll email to let you know that you’re signed up for the next round of classes, and you’ll eventually receive all the information/materials you need before the first day.

Email Completed Agreement