Dental Assisting Program Information – Worcester, MA

Why Students & Dental Offices Love Us

There are many dental assisting programs out there, so why should you dedicate your time and energy to NE Dental Academy? Because every aspect of our practice is dedicated to the end goal of helping our students get a running start in their new careers. Our program is practical, run by experts, and designed to work for people from all walks of life so that the path to becoming a dental assistant is nice and straightforward. As a result, not only do our students love us, but so do dental offices in Massachusetts because they can’t wait to hire them! 

What Makes Our Dental Assisting Program the Best in New England?

At NE Dental Academy, you’ll have access to better instructors, better resources, and better opportunities than you’ll find at any other dental assisting program in New England.

Located in the Heart of Worcester County

We’re easy to find and easy to travel to, meaning you won’t be spending countless hours in the car driving to classes. This makes starting with us and keeping up with the program as convenient as possible, removing another obstacle between you and success. 

Our Program is Accredited

The NE Dental Academy is fully accredited. We adhere to strict standards when it comes to our curriculum, the experience of our instructors, and the rate at which students graduate and find jobs.

Job Placement & Career-Ready Assistance

Part of our program is not just training you for a job, but actively helping you find one as well. Our team will work alongside you to search for open positions, schedule interviews, and make sure you end up in the right practice.

Basic Life Support Certification Completed On-Site

With other dental assisting programs, you have to go somewhere else to get your basic life support (BLS) certification, which adds a layer of complexity that can make things very stressful. We save you the hassle by offering the training on-site in the same place you’ll learn everything else, saving you time while literally giving you life-saving skills.

Day and Evening Classes Offered

Busy during the day or unavailable in the evening? Whatever your situation might be, our program has an option that will fit right in with your schedule. With both day and evening classes offered, you can maintain your current life while building the foundation for a better one in your free time.

Self-Paced Online Portion
(6.5 Months)

The online portion of our program will help you easily learn the more technical aspects of the job, such as teeth numbers, instrument names, and other jargon that will soon be familiar to you. Rather than making you go through the material at our pace, you can study it how and when you want so that it’s easy to absorb and retain.

Hands-On Lab Opportunities with Qualified Instructors
(6.5 Months)

You’ll receive hands-on training for every aspect of dental assisting with an experienced, compassionate instructor by your side. This will give you the chance to learn practical skills and get a better idea of what being a dental assistant is really like.

Externship Assignment in Real Dental Practices
(2 Days/Week • 480 Hours)

Our externship program will allow you to gain immediate, real-world experience where you’ll apply all the skills and knowledge you have learned through our program in an actual dental practice. This will not only help you adapt to the day-to-day realities of dental assisting, but it will also ensure that you’re filled with confidence on your first day of the job.

Learn Dental Specialties
(Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry & More!)

You won’t just learn to be a dental assistant in a general dentistry office, but we will also teach you skills that can be applied in specialty practices. These will not only make you more marketable, but this will also open up more employment opportunities and chances to receive higher pay.

Real-Life Digital Radiography Training

Being able to take X-rays is an essential skill when you’re a dental assistant, so you can bet that this is a big focus at NE Dental Academy! You’ll not only receive hands-on training, but we’ll also help you prep for the certification exam so that passing will be the last thing you need to worry about.

MA Dental Assistant License Preparation Assistance

In order to work as a dental assistant in Massachusetts, you need a license, and we will show you everything you need to get it! It’s all part of our program. We’ll help you file the paperwork, prepare for the exam, and outline everything you need to know so the process is perfectly smooth.


Upcoming Dental
Assisting School Classes

Ready to take the first step toward a new career as a dental assistant? We have classes coming up soon, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up! If you’re unable to make one start date, be sure to check back for the next one.

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