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It's our belief that through thorough instruction, and planned tasks involving more hands-on experiences, we can give our students the edge going forward. Thomas Gentry, a Preventive Dentistry Specialist and Graduate of the Academy of Health and Sciences, and Tracy Fullen, C.D.A., Mariangely Barone, C.D.A. & Leah Bradway R.D.H., C.D.A., both Certified Dental Assistants, have more than 50 years of experience in the industry. They give our students the instructions they need – all with the right backgrounds necessary - to learn and absorb the highest level of dental education.


Business Director: William Carlsen






  • Leah Bradway R.D.H. & C.D.A.

  • Juliana Macedo, DA 

  • Tracy Fullen, CDA

  • Mariangely Barone, CDA

  • Thomas Gentry, P.D.S.










All classes are taught at NE Dental Academy in Worcester, MA. NE Dental Assistant Schools' new-state-of-the-art facility was specifically planned and designed to ensure the success of all aspects of student growth and development through modern amenities and updated tech. A majority of classrooms have perfectly-placed big screens for easy viewing and interactive teaching, and our dental treatment room is set up with dental chairs and operative manikins for hands-on, in-class instruction.




NE Dental Academy has worked diligently with the Office of Private Occupation School Education and the Massachusetts Dental Board to add to the curriculum and offer a program (937 hours) that meets or exceeds all new requirements for dental assistant licensure.  This allows our graduates to register and become licensed as "Formally Trained Assistants.”


To learn more about NE Dental Academy, or to enroll in one of our life-changing programs, please contact us at 508-425-6644.   

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Our Mission

At the NE Dental Academy, conveniently-located in the heart of Worcester, MA, you and your classmates will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the latest technology in dental assisting and become part of field that is growing exponentially, every year.


Our Vision

NE Dental Academy has always tried to keep our programs very affordable for students who don't want to do 2 or 4 years of college, and who are looking for something where they can get out into the field and start working as quickly as possible.  NE Dental Academy offers affordable payment options, flexible money-down, first payment choices, and the help you need to succeed in the field after graduation in a career that will set you up for life.  

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