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5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Dental Assistant

December 1, 2023

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When faced with a boring, unsatisfying, or unbearable career path, many people feel stuck; after all, it’s not always easy to go back to school, receive the necessary certifications, or meet the requirements for a new field that interests you. However, staying put can sometimes feel just as daunting—and this is when a change needs to be made! If you’re ready for a change but aren’t sure what direction you should take, why not consider a career in dental assisting? Continue reading below to learn about a few reasons why this career path might be easier and more gratifying than you think!

1. No Previous Healthcare Training Required

While getting accepted to other healthcare programs might require all sorts of specific types of education and areas of training, going to school for dental assisting is relatively straightforward. In fact, the majority of aspiring dental assistants don’t have any previous healthcare experience. This makes the dental assisting field quite accommodating and accessible; even if you only have the drive to succeed, it’s still a great option!

2. Affordable Tuition

The idea of paying for a degree in a healthcare field, or racking up a significant amount of debt, might not seem very appealing—but thankfully, this isn’t the case with becoming a dental assistant! Dental assistant school is incredibly affordable, and for those who aren’t able to pay for the whole program at once, financial assistance is often easily available.

3. Fast-Paced and Flexible Program

Not everyone has the ability to put their life on hold in order to pursue a degree or specific training—bills still need to be paid, the family still needs to be cared for, and personal responsibilities must also continue to be handled. That said, dental assistant training is remarkably flexible and fast-paced. Some programs can even be completed in as little as 12 weeks; plus, there are often night and weekend class options, so that you can continue working and keeping up with your responsibilities as needed.

4. Ample Job Opportunities

There’s an impressive level of both job demand and security tied to dental assisting; studies show that in 2016, there were over 332,000 dental assistants in the US. Over the next decade, it’s expected that the number of job opportunities in this field will expand by 19%, which equates to over 64,600 new openings! The bottom line is that a successful dental office cannot function with dental assistants, meaning those in the field will continue to be highly sought after for the foreseeable future!

5. Rewarding Working Environment

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being a dental assistant is showing up to work every day knowing that you’re making a difference and truly providing important help to others! Every day, you’ll be tasked with making patients feel welcome and comfortable within the office, but more importantly, you’ll assist with the improvement of their oral health, and in turn, their life. Not to mention, working in a dental office is dynamic; no two days are exactly the same, meaning things aren’t ever likely to become boring!

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