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As A Dental Assistant, Is Dental X-Ray Exposure Safe?

April 4, 2022

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Dental Assistant not worried about being exposed to X-ray radiation

Dental X-rays are a routine part of regular dental checkups. Getting a few every year or so isn’t a big deal, but is it safe for Dental Assistants to be exposed to X-ray radiation on a regular basis? After all, it’s well known that too much X-ray exposure can cause serious health problems, and a single Dental Assistant may take thousands of X-rays over their career! Fortunately, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, this isn’t something to worry about. Read on as we go over everything you might need to know about dental X-ray radiation exposure as a Dental Assistant.

How Often Should Dental X-Rays Be Taken?

Dental X-rays are essential for catching oral health issues developing under the surface before they have a chance to become worse. If it weren’t for X-ray imaging, these conditions may go unnoticed until they begin to cause irreparable damage or intense pain. For most healthy adults with pretty good oral health, X-rays are only taken about every 2-3 years. However, not every patient is the same. For example, if a patient has a history of oral health conditions, they may need to have X-rays taken more frequently. As a Dental Assistant, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll be taking a lot of dental X-rays throughout your career

Do Dental X-Rays Give Off Radiation?

X-ray technology has evolved by leaps and bounds since it was first invented, and now it is safer than ever. Nearly all practices use digital X-rays, which give off a fraction of the radiation that traditional X-rays used to. This is all to say that yes, even digital dental X-rays give off a small amount of radiation. However, this amount is so small that it’s practically negligible. In fact, you’re exposed to more radiation on a daily basis going about your normal life walking in the sun and around power lines than dental X-rays! So they are very safe.

Do Dental Assistants Need to Protect Themselves from X-Ray Radiation?

Naturally, any machine that emits radiation should be handled with caution. Make sure to thoroughly understand the training you receive to use the X-ray machine. Fortunately, there is such little radiation given off from a dental X-ray and it is so tightly aimed at the patient, that there is no need to be concerned. Overall, radiation from dental X-rays does not pose a threat to Dental Assistants. Even if you use it repeatedly, as long as you are handling it properly and not taking any unnecessary risks, a dental X-ray machine will be no more dangerous than any other piece of dental equipment.

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