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The Importance of Intraoral Cameras in Dentistry

July 1, 2023

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an intraoral camera being used

Intraoral cameras have emerged as powerful tools in modern dentistry, completely revolutionizing the way that dental teams can assess oral care, diagnose problems, and carry out treatment. With their ability to capture high-resolution images of the oral cavity combined with a sleek and compact design, they’ve become an invaluable tool for both dentists and patients alike. Here’s some useful information about these devices and their benefits, along with why hands-on experience is invaluable when learning how to operate them during your training as a dental assistant.

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

Intraoral cameras are handheld devices used by dentists and dental professionals to capture images of the inside of a patient’s mouth, granting a clear view of the teeth, gums and other oral structures. Since the instrument itself is so small, it’s easily maneuverable inside the mouth. The images are displayed on an attached monitor or computer screen in real time.

What Do Intraoral Cameras Bring to the Table?

To put it simply, intraoral cameras bring several notable advantages to the table compared to other types of dental technology. Here are a few examples:

Early Detection of Dental Diseases

The camera can be used to detect hidden signs and symptoms of dental diseases, as they allow the dentist to see otherwise unnoticeable problems. The images obtained via the camera can be used to help accurately diagnose the patient’s condition—all in a non-invasive manner.

Improves the Accuracy of Treatment

An intraoral camera provides precise live images of the mouth and even has magnifying capabilities, which help to expose wounds, fractures and other types of issues that aren’t always obvious. These images can also be used to help explain the problem to the patient and show them abnormalities in greater detail.

Enhances the Dentist’s Credibility

Since an intraoral camera boosts the level of engagement between the dental team and the patient, it ultimately enhances the overall level of trust between the patient and the dental team. It also shows the dentists’ proficiency in using the latest technology, which increases their credibility.

Why Is Hands-On Experience with Intraoral Cameras Valuable?

To put it simply, as awesome as the intraoral camera is, it’s not something that you can immediately pick up and begin using masterfully—hands-on experience is invaluable. Given their prominence in modern dental care, intraoral cameras will see daily use in most offices. These are specialized devices, and only through proper use can they effectively make dental care easier. They also require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimal function and hands-on training is essential for this. During your training, you’ll learn how to operate them correctly so that the level of care your practice can provide is impressively boosted.

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